Short Game

Short Game

Short Game Golf consists of a 9 hole round of golf. Holes 1 thru 3 are pitching holes. Holes 4 thru 6 are chipping holes. Holes 7 thru 9 are putting holes.
Equipment. Limited flight golf balls are used on all pitching holes. Regulation golf balls are used on all other holes. The pitching net is used as the target for pitching holes 1 thru 3. The hole is used for holes 4 thru 9. Use a club of your choice on the pitching holes 1 thru 3 and chipping holes 4 thru 6. The putter cannot be used on chipping holes 4 thru 6.

Game Components Include:

  • 19’ by 2’ putting mat: Mat will lay flat immediately upon removal from box. Edges of mat will not unravel.
  • Hole is 1⁄4” smaller than regulation to sharpen aim
  • Pitching net
  • Limited flight golf balls (for pitching holes)
  • Instructional booklet*
  • Scorecards

*The Short Game Golf Instructional Booklet covers the fundamentals of the pitch shot, chip shot and putting.


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April 28, 2017