Accelerated Golf, Inc. was formed in September of 1993. Products are marketed in the United States and some countries overseas.

Our products are professionally assembled in the U.S.A. We take pride in the quality of the products we build.  Dare to compare!  We challenge you to look at any other putting mat product. Take it out of the box and look at the quality!  Also when you take a competitor’s putting mat out of the box it will be folded and not rolled in the box like our products. When you take the Accelerator out of it’s packaging you can immediately roll it out and putt on it. The competitor’s mat you will have to unfold and put a stack of books on it to try taking the wrinkles out of it.

I mentioned “competitors” in the above paragraph but there is no other putting mat designed to teach you the fundamentals of alignment and acceleration like our Accelerator products do!

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